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Texas is the proud home of countless water and amusement parks. Each year, these famous tourist sites welcome millions of thrill-seeking attendees from around the world. Unfortunately, the annual number of amusement park accidents increases each year as competitive park owners develop newer, faster, and scarier rides to attract more visitors. While park owners are legally required to observe state-mandated safety regulations, hundreds of serious injuries are still reported every year.

If you’ve been injured in a theme park accident, contact the Waco amusement park accident attorneys at the Law Offices of Vic Feazell, P.C. We understand that a serious accident can lead to catastrophic physical and cognitive injuries that necessitate expensive medical procedures and rehabilitative services. You don’t deserve to suffer crippling financial debts just because an amusement park owner or employee behaved negligently. Our legal team can investigate your case and develop a litigation strategy that achieves your financial goals and legal objectives.

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