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Case Results

  • $11,000,000

    Burn Injuries

    Natural Gas Explosion | Burn Injuries

    Attorney Fees & Expenses: $5,500,000.00
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  • $1,550,000

    Explosion Burn Injury

    Richard, a husband and father of two young children, was a licensed plumber on the job at a Central Texas limestone mine when the fuel tank he was working on exploded, engulfing his body in flames and throwing him twenty feet to the ground. Richard injured his back and suffered severe burns to his legs and arms. While he was still in the hospital, his wife called on us to help. We immediately started recording witness statements, taking photographs, retaining the necessary experts, and opening dialogue with the medical providers.

    Our investigation revealed that the explosion happened because an employee of the mine arced a welding rod near the fuel tank, which had not been cleaned and flushed as required before commencing the work. The mine company claimed that they had not done anything wrong and refused to pay. After eighteen months of litigation over contested liability, involving depositions, expert reports, and two mediations, the case settled before trial for $1,550,000. Of that amount, attorney’s fees were $620,000, and case expenses, including expert fees, totaled $27,000.

    The net recovery to our client totaled $902,423.

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  • $1,500,000

    Car Wreck Injuries

    George stopped at the stop sign. He looked both ways and was about to proceed into the intersection when he was suddenly and violently rear-ended by a bus traveling at 55 miles per hour. The impact catapulted George’s body upwards, slamming his head into the roof of his car. His injuries included herniated disks, broken teeth, a displaced jaw and a closed head injury.

    George had to undergo two neck surgeries, tooth implants, and pain management. He lost most of his sense of smell and taste and his mouth became very sensitive to cold liquids. George and his wife were having difficulty managing all the medical appointments and dealing with the bus driver’s insurance company. They decided to call the Law Office of Vic Feazell for help.

    It took two years of litigation, including depositions and expert testimony, before the insurance company was finally forced into paying George’s claim. During that time, our firm negotiated with medical service providers to ensure that George got the medical treatment he needed and that payment of the bills was delayed until after settlement. The case settled for $1,500,000. Attorney’s fees were $499,500, and reimbursable expenses totaled $8,627. Net recovery to our client totaled $991,873.

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  • $357,500

    18 Wheeler Truck Wreck Injuries

    Maurissa was driving with her husband and their 8 month old baby on IH35 in Bell County, when they noticed an accident ahead of them. Being the first to witness the accident, they pulled over and Maurissa ran towards it to see if anyone was hurt. As she approached, an 18 wheeler truck driver not aware enough to notice the accident, slammed into the wrecked car. The 18 wheeler truck smashed through the wrecked car forcing it and the wrecked car onto Maurissa. This collision violently threw her through the air and onto her car. Maurissa sustained serious and life threatening injuries as a result of the negligent conduct of truck driver.

    After 7 months of negotiations with the insurance company, Maurissa’s case settled in her favor for $357,500.00. Attorney’s fees were $134,500.00, and reimbursable expenses totaled $436.96. Medical expenses totaled $55,030.18. The net recovery to our client was $152,532.86.

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  • $340,000

    Car Wreck Injuries

    Antonia was driving in Fort Hood, Texas when another driver recklessly rear ended her causing her vehicle to smash into a utility pole. As a result of the reckless driver, Antonia sustained a broken left leg and shattered right knee.

    We settled the third party insurance claim but her damages exceeded the limits of the insurance coverage. We then pursued an underinsured motorist claim for her injuries. We settled the claim in Antonia’s favor for $340,000.00. Medical expenses totaled $22,132.38. Attorney’s fees were $110,000.00. The net recovery to our client was $207,867.62.

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  • $188,876

    DUI Accident

    Drunk Driver Car Wreck | Soft Tissue Injuries

    Attorney fees: $73,131.33 | Expenses: $622.06

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  • $152,500

    DUI Accident

    Drunk Driver Auto/Pedestrian Hit & Run | Orthopedic Injuries

    Attorney fees: $50,000.00 | Expenses: $230.46

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  • $95,590

    Slip and Fall Injury

    Angela and her husband were enjoying dinner at Texas Roadhouse. When they got up to leave, Angela slipped on peanut shell debris that had been allowed to accumulate on the floor. She broke her kneecap in three places, requiring a painful surgery that left pins and a wire in her knee in order to stabilize it.

    Angela sought legal help from several attorneys in Central Texas, but was turned down by them all. One attorney did agree to represent her, but when he found out that Texas Roadhouse planned to contest the case, he dropped her as a client. Distraught and not knowing where to turn, Angela was referred to Vic Feazell by a friend. Vic took her case and filed suit against Texas Roadhouse.

    After over a year of litigation, including depositions and expert medical reports, Texas Roadhouse still refused to pay Angela’s claim, so Vic took the case to jury trial. A week-long trial in the Bell County Courthouse returned a jury verdict in favor of Angela for $95,590. Attorney’s fees were $38,236, and reimbursable expenses totaled $14,185. The net recovery to Angela was $43,000.00. To this day, it is still the only case that Texas Roadhouse has lost.

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